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When was the last time you were initiated into eclectic Indian food in an avant-grade ambience that would lave a lasting dining experience?

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Copper Chimney
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Gobi Honey Garlic Cauliflower florets tossed with honey and garlic sauce. $7.95
Bombay Bhajia Assorted Chickpea batter ,fritters of onion,cottage cheese & spinach with relishes $5.95
Tandoori Samosa Crispy turnovers filled with mildly spiced potato and baked in a tandoor. Patented creation on the block $6.95
Dahi Aloo Puri Crispy mini poori's filled with potatoes and chickpeas in yogurt,tamarind sauce,sprinkled with chat masala $5.95
Pickled Mushrooms Mushroom cooked in a tangy pickled sauce $7.95
Tava Paneer Cottage cheese cooked with onions,bell peppers and spices $8.95
Bhindi Jaipuri Crisp okra juliennes flavored with ajwain and ginger $6.95
Chicken 65 Chicken breast cubes marinated overnight and fried to perfection $7.95
Tava Crab Fresh flaked crab meat cooked with curry leaves,onions tomatoes and ginger. Chef recommended! $9.95
Shrimp Balchao Shrimps cooked with onions,curry leaves,tomatoes and a dash of red wine. $9.95
Rasam A traditional South Indian spicy lentil and tomato essence soup $4.45
Mulligatawny Soup A soup made of lentils.India's national soup $4.45
Shorba Choice of chicken or lamb clear soup $5.45
Orange and fig Fresh greens, oranges and figs with orange vinaigrette dressing $6.00
Chicken Chimney Salad Marinated Tandoori chicken strips grilled and tossed with lettuce ,tomatoes,baby spinach and garlic infused lemon and oil dressing $7.95
Tandoori (All served with saffron pulao rice and dal makhani )
Tandoori Vegetables Assorted grilled platter of marinated Paneer,green peppers,baby potato,mushroom,broccoli and cauliflower $16.00
Chicken Tikka Boneless Chicken marinated in yogurt and spices $14.00
Tandoori Chicken Chicken marinated in yogurt and aromatic spices $14.00
Malmal Kabab Minced chicken with tandoor spices skewered as cylinders $15.00
Vegetable Hariyali kabab Minced mix vegetables and cheese marinated with mint,cilantro&spices,skewered as cylinders $15.00
Malai kabab Cubes of chicken in a creamy marination $15.00
Boti Kabab Lamb cubes flavored in mint and cilantro $16.00
Lamb Sheek Kabab Ground lamb with herbs and spices cooked on skewers in tandoor $16.00
Ajwain Fish Tikka Fish marinated in Ajwain,herbs and spices $18.00
Adrak-Ke Champe Lamb chops marinated overnight and grilled to perfection $22.00
Tandoori Jhinga Jumbo prawns marinated in yogurt and Tandoor spices $22.00
Tandoori Mix Grill Chicken Tikka ,Tandoori chicken,Malai Kabab,Sheek Kabab,Boti kabab and Fish Tikka $24.00
Vegetarian Specialties (Served with steamed rice)
Aloo Gobi Cumin flavored potatoes and cauliflower $11.95
Paneer Makhani Cheese cubes in a rich tomato and cream sauce $12.95
Saag Paneer/Bhutta Spinach and roasted cottage cheese or corns in an onion tomato curry sauce $11.95
Malai Kofta Cheese dumplings in a saffron flavored sauce $12.95
Vegetable Chettinad Vegetables with ground spices and coconut milk $11.95
Bhindi Masala Okra cooked with onions,tomatoes and spices $11.95
Baigan Bartha Roasted eggplant puree,seasoned with onions and tomatoes $11.95
Jeera Aloo Potatoes with asafetida and cumin seeds $11.95
Baghare Baingan Eggplant cooked in an aromatic sauce with peanuts,seasame seeds and coconut $11.95
Methi Makai Mutter Corn and green peas in a fenugreek flavored onion sauce $11.95
Channa Pindi A north indian speciality of chickpeas cooked with onions,tomatoes and pomegranate seeds $11.95
Navratan Korma Mix vegetables with dry fruits and nuts in a rich creamy sauce $11.95
Dal makhani Creamy black lentil $11.95
Dal Tadka Yellow lentils with mild spices $11.95
Sarson-Ka-Saag Mustard leaves cooked with onions,ginger and spices $11.95
Mirch ka Salan $11.95
Mushroom Mutter Paneer Fresh mushrooms,green peas and cottage cheese cooked in a roasted cumin flavored onion sauce $12.95
Seafood (Your choice of shrimp or fish Served with Steamed Rice)
Saffron Shrimp Shrimos marinated and cooked in aromatic saffron sauce $16.95
Shrimp Saag Shrimps cooked in spinach sauce $16.95
Konju Pappas Shrimps cooked in a spicy coconut sauce with curry leaves and smoked tamarind $16.95
Shrimp Jalfrezi Stir fried shrimp and onions,bell peppers,tomatoes and flavored with onions. $16.95
Shrimp Bhunna Shrimps cooked with brown onions, tomatoes and spices $16.95
Goan Fish Curry Fish cooked in coconut milk and spices,a traditional dish from Goa $16.95
Fish Molee Fish flavored with mace and cardamom in a coconut ginger sauce.A Kerala speciality $16.95
Dalcha Machi Cubes of salmon cooked with sprouted green lentils and seasoned with mustard seeds & curry leaves $16.95
Tava Crab Masala Succulent crab meat cooked in spicy tomato,onion sauce tempered with curry leaves $18.95
Lobster Masala Medium sized lobster grilled to perfection cooked in an onion tomato based gravy $21.95
Chicken Entrees (Served with Rice)
Chicken Tikka Masala Boneless chicken cooked in an aromatic tomato and onion sauce. $13.95
Chicken Saagwala Shredded tandoori chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce. $13.95
Chicken Shahi Korma Succulent cubes of chicken cooked in a light cream sauce $14.95
Chicken Mango Curry Boneless chicken tempered with mustard seeds,curry leaves and mango $13.95
Chicken Makhani Shredded Tandoori chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce $13.95
Chicken Curry Boneless chicken cooked in aromatic tomato, onion sauce with Indian spices. $12.95
Chicken Stew Chicken and vegetables cooked with chef's special sauce. $14.95
Chicken Methi Boneless Chicken cooked with fenugreek leaves. $13.95
Chicken Xacuti (Goan) Chicken cooked with chilies, vinegar and a blend of spices. $13.95
Chicken Chettinad Boneless chicken with ground spices and coconut. $13.95
Chicken Vindaloo Boneless Chicken and potatoes in a fiery tangy sauce. $13.95
Chicken Bhuna Chicken cooked with brown onions, tomatoes and spices. $14.95
Lamb Entrees
Lamb Roganjosh Boneless lamb meat in traditional gravy from kashmir $15.95
Saag Gosht lamb and spinach in an excellent combination.Chef's recommendation $15.95
Jardaloo Ma Gosht lamb cooked with apricots in a saffron sauce and garnished with straw potatoes.Parsee speciality $16.95
Nilgiri Korma lamb cooked with fresh mint,coriander and coconut milk $15.95
Lamb Vindaloo Lamb and Potatoes in a fiery tangy sauce $15.95
Bhuna Gosht Lamb sauteed with fine herbs,onion,bell pepper and tomatoes $15.95
Lamb Chop Curry lamb chops cooked in a brown onion and tomato sauce $19.95
Lamb Kholapuri Lamb with whole spices,dry chillies and peppercorns $15.95
Rice (Our basmati rice is cooked with whole spices and finished with saffron All biryanis served with raita, chutney and onion salad)
Shrimp biryani $17.00
Steamed rice $3.00
Chicken biryani $14.00
Brown rice $4.00
Lamb biryani $16.00
Saffron rice $4.00
Jeera rice $4.00
Vegetable Biryani $12.00
Shrimp Biryani $17.00
Lemon Rice $5
Raitha cubes of cucumbers,onions and tomato in cold yogurt $3.00
Mint Raitha Shredded cucumbers in mint flavored yogurt $3.00
Spicy Pickle Lemon, mango, chili in mustard oil $2.00
Mango Chutney Sweet mango relish $2.00
Poori wheat flour puffed bread $5.00
Rosemary Naan White flour bread $4.00
Naan Bread $3.00
Roti $3.00
Laccha Paratha Multi layered whole wheat butered bread $4.00
Garlic Naan Garlic flavored bread $4.00
Onion Kulcha onion and cilantro flavored bread $4.00
Aloo Paratha Potatoe stuffed whole wheat bread $5.00
Kashmiri Naan Dry fruit and nut bread $6.00
Tokri Assorted bread basket of naan,roti,garlic bread and aloo paratha $12.00
Kheer Rice pudding topped with pistachios $5.00
Rasmalai sweet paneer with pistachio rabri $6.00
Ice cream & sorbets ask your server about today’s selections $6.00
Gajjar halwa made with carrots milk and sugar $6.00
Fruit custard seasonal fruits in light custard $6.00
Falooda Rose flavored milk, noodles, nuts, topped with falooda ice cream $9.00
Gulab Jamun Milk dumplings in Honey Syrup $6.00
Chocolate cake served with ice cream $7.00
Lassi Yogurt blend served salted or spiced $4.00
Manga Madness Mango juice $4.00
Mango Lassi Blend of yogurt and mango $4.00
Melon n’ Lemon Fresh Watermelon based juice $6.00
Lychee Juice Lychee blend $5.00
Gourmet coffee Regular coffee $2.00
Chai $2.00
Soda Pepsi/Coke $200
Iced Tea Regular or Masala flavored $2.00
Water Sparkling/Still $5.00
Chai Tea $3.00
Herbal Tea $3.00
Bottled Water $5.00
Celedon Spritzer $6.00
Roseberry Fizz $6.00
Copper Cooler $6.00
Delivery Specials- Served with Pulao Rice

Leave the Cooking to us! Let us cater your next party.
Copper Chimney offers full service catering for all occasions and all group sizes.

Please contact us for more information.

All Meats Served are Strictly Halal

20% Gratuity for groups of 5 or more
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